Thursday, August 5, 2010

I leave for Virginia today, to stay with my very conservative grandparents for a few days. About a month ago I woke up in an extremely elated mood (that, oddly enough, was not caused from elicit drug use) and called my grandmother. I think my reasoning behind this was if she says something retarded I would simply feel normal again, and not like I just stumbled out of a crack den. During the conversation I promised her I would come visit in a month, and that brings us to the present.

I'm actually a little excited about the trip because while I'm up there I have very little contact with the fucked up world I'm accustomed to. No cursing (shit). No alcohol (ah!). No dumbass friends telling me about their butthole licking experiences (oh). I, shockingly, need a break from these things. I need to feel... clean? When I go up there I feel as if I did a massive colon cleanse but for my moral conscience. I'm not distracted by shallowness and I feel so... normal. Granted it's not all sunshine and puppy kisses, but it is, thankfully, a random change of pace.

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