Thursday, January 27, 2011

Twatter & Millionaire Shitmaker

I have a twitter now – add me assholes.

I’ve been debating on whether or not to get a twatter because 1. I already have a non-anonymous one that I spew word vomit on and 2. I’d basically be twatting to myself (not that it matters to me, I think I’m fucking high-larious).

But recently, my friends have asked me to stop talking excessively about “periods and touching myself”. And since the people that actually read the shit I write about on this blog are just as depraved and fucked up as me (aka have a goddamn great sense of humor), I thought I’d share my best little gems with you. (Aw, we’re besties now. You should name your first born after me or make me a godparent or some shit.)

In other news, I was watching Millionaire Matchmaker this morning (stop judging me) and on this particular episode there was a Millionairess that couldn’t get peen because she’s too “masculine”. One of the examples of how she was masculine gave me a laughy-laugh.

So, this rich bitch went on an outing with another millionaire. (Not a date, but a “Hey, I’m fucking loaded and can’t get someone to love me, too; Let’s chat.”) Their vices: She was masculine and he had some ADHD-holy-shit-I-talk-really-fucking-fast-I’m-a-cracked-out-pomeranian issue. Anyways, they meet up and are being leered at by some body language bitch. (She was supposed to be incognito, but when some fucker is straight staring at me and writing in a notebook, I generally take notice.) So, body language bitch was judging the shit out of their interaction in order to critique them later.

They meet. Everything is hunky doory. And the dude orders a beer with some concoction that’s holding it. He has no fucking clue how to remove it. (Neither would I. I generally just pop the tab and BAM instant gratification.) He’s turning this sucker around, gazing at it, and the girl laughs and shows him how to remove it.

Later on when they meet up with Patti’s loud, obnoxious ass, she reprimands the rich chick for helping dumbass drink his beer. It’s apparently masculine to explain how to get your glass removed from this wooden fucking block so you can get your drink on. Who knew?

It irked the fuck out of me. 

It irked me because I think it would have been more masculine (and what I would have done in that situation) to sit there and make fun of him mercilessly as he tried to drink with a wooden block around his beer. Is that not what guys do?

The show rubs my nipples wrong because of the way this Patti chick tries to shape men and women into stereotypical masculine and feminine roles. I won’t get really deep on you fuckers, but I will say that in a relationship I will be feminine for a dude; I’ll wear lingerie, bake shit, etc. but I’ll also curse like a sailor and use sarcasm fluently. It’ll be a balance between feminine and masculine. I’m not gong to trick some poor fucker into thinking I’m sweet and well-mannered, and then BAM all of a sudden I have the demeanor of Britney Spears post-Y2K. I want to be upfront; you’re dating a chick with a dick (or a dude with a vagine, whatever makes you more comfortable). What I’m trying to say is: I’ll fucking laugh my ass off at you when you act retarded. 


  1. YOu should stop watching that shit.

  2. Hellz yea Batman! My favorite past-time is making fun of/laughing at/tormenting The Boyfriend...he just makes it so goddamn easy.