Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I messed up. I drunk texted second guy and asked him to come over. He said he would try to get a ride because he had been drinking with friends, and I told him that sex wasn't in the forecast. He said he would stay where he was then. I told him it was nice talking to him. He asked if I was being serious, because he why would he come over if it wasn't a guarantee. I, apprehensively, but drunkenly admitted that I am still a virgin. He asked if I was serious. I said that the hymen was indeed still intact. He said that I should have told him sooner and that it didn't change anything. I said so, friends? He asked if I no longer wanted to date. I said I didn't think he had the patience. He asked if I was trying to get rid of him. I said no. He said he'd set up a hot date for us when I was sober. I didn't respond. He sent another text later asking if I was awake. I responded with yes, what's up? He said I should come over. I said we clearly had different views on what we expected. He said I shouldn't allow my virginity to rule what I did. I said I didn't, that I was just saying... He asked what I was saying. I said I wanted something simple. He said I was making shit complicated. I said I wasn't trying to. He said we should talk when we weren't drunk. I said I was sobering up, but I agree.


  1. gotta love drunk texting!

    I keep trying to write some profound advice, but it continues to sound really retarded. haha.

    The best thing I can say is, try not to worry about it. Soon enough, you will find someone worthy & give them the glory of busting that hymen open. too much? lol <3

  2. Yah, drunken texting = sober regrets.